*Open Table Fate Core*

Hey all!

I'm about to start an experiment in an open-table Fate Core game, roughly using something like Game of Thrones as a template. Here's the rule modifications, basically:

1) Every player starts with a Main Character. These are created as normal, including Phase Trio, etc.

2) The game starts in a single location where all of the main characters are for some reason. After this, there is no presumption that the characters stick together.

3) A player may call for a scene at any logical point. If other characters wish to be in the scene, they can. Otherwise, they can be Compelled to be in the scene.

4) Any player that does not have a character in a scene can create a Supporting Character to be in the scene. This character is created as per the Quick Creation rules - High Concept and peak skill to start.

5) (debating) Supporting Characters are not "owned" by their players, and are available for general use.

6) Fate Points are owned by characters, not players.

7) Minor Milestones happen when characters get sufficient downtime to rest/recuperate

8) Each Main Character has a "question" that is their arc. Progress towards resolving this question (positively or negatively) creates milestones for Main Characters.

9) Supporting Characters get the benefits of milestones with the Main Characters that they are traveling with/"attached" to.

10) Supporting Characters can be upgraded to Main Characters when the table agrees that they have become narratively significant enough and have their own goals that are interesting enough to pursue.

11) If sufficient new players enter the game at one time, standard character creation + phase trio and starting "episode" can happen as per the beginning of the game.

Thoughts? Any reasons that this is immediately horrible? This is primarily a first draft, and I do presume that it will end up getting tweaked as it comes into contact with reality.