Fate Core Thought of the Day:  Fate is Boring

There.  I said it.  You know you've been thinking it.

And you're not the only ones.  How many people have said "eh, I read Fate, and there's nothing special in there."  And you know what?  They're right.

Seriously.  As a system, Fate's pretty boring.  Unremarkable.  Dull, even.  I mean, look at other systems!  They try and show you how amazing they are.  That one there, showing its pages of critical hit and miss charts?  I mean, you can trip on an imaginary turtle!  That's pretty awesome.

And that system over there, tantalizingly showing us a bit of its books and books worth of classes?  Bet we could put those together in some pretty interesting ways, huh?

Or how about that system over there, showing off its powerful material strength charts?  It even has rules to show how having armor on vehicles at different angles impacts protection.  I could swoon.

Yep, all of these systems are pretty good at showing us how awesome they are.  They all want to convince us that we want to show up at the gaming table with them on our arm, to show off that we're good enough to be seen with them.

The problem is that these systems are also pretty high maintenance.  They want things to go a certain way, and heaven help you if you disagree.  And you find that they want to be the center of attention.  They want alllllll of the focus on them.  Want to heroically run down the streets?  You just tripped on an invisible turtle, pal.  Hope you weren't planning on having a cool chase, because now we're dealing with someone's invisible turtle issues.  Want to have a cool fight?  Well, better study up first, because you'd better know how somebody did some contortions with their characters and what they're capable of.  Or want to have a cool firefight?  Break out your calculators, because we've got some figurin' to do.  That system is going to tell you everything it knows about armor and angles and it's gonna make damn well sure you know how smart it is.

Fate... doesn't do that.

Fate knows that its job is to make you look good.  All of you.  Fate wants to just kind of slip into the background, and quietly support you.  Fate anticipates your needs, even ones you didn't know you had.  Fate gently prompts you for coolness, subtly nudges you to be awesome.  Fate does everything it can do to help you and everyone at your table shine, and then just kind of slink off into the background again.

Fate's kind of like a really good butler, or a roadie.  Nobody talks about how awesome the butler or roadie is.  If they're doing their job right, you don't notice them.  They spend their time figuring out how to do their job to make someone else shine, and to not draw attention to themselves.

Fate doesn't want attention.  Fate shies away from attention.  Fate wants you to pay attention to your character, your story, your friends.  Fate knows that those are the important things, that those are the things that people remember and talk about.

So, you're sitting there and run into a problem.  Fate's there for you.  Fate's got your solution.  And Fate does its job simply and quietly and effectively.  And then gets out of the way and lets you carry on, without any fuss or calling any attention to itself.

Fate's boring.  And that's just the way Fate likes it.