So one thing that I've seen as a question is when to  use a social contest, vs. a social conflict.

So while this is pretty clearly a grey area, I think I've come up with a reasonable heuristic for quickly determining which is appropriate.

Apocalypse World talks about "leverage" a bit.  When you're trying to convince someone to do something you want, you need to have something as a bargaining chip.  If you walk up to the king and say "let me marry your daughter", he will laugh in your face.  If you say "let me marry your daughter, or my giant army will crush you" he may talk.  If you say "let me marry your daughter, and I'll give you a pile of gold coins" he also may talk.

So that's two kinds of leverage right there.  You've got a threat - that is, something that the other person doesn't want that you will make happen if they don't give in to your demands.  On the other hand, you have a promise - something that the other person does want, and if they do what you want, they'll give it to you.

Threats lead to Conflicts.  Promises lead to Contests.