So, here's a minor rules tweak I've been thinking about.

Even when i want that type of differentiation, I've got a few problems with the typical Weapon/Armor rules as written.

1) They're massively overwhelming
2) They don't necessarily make sense to me, since stress isn't "damage"

So, for a simple fix to both of these, how do you folks think it would work if armor/weapon ratings work "as default", but with one exception - they only apply to stress soaked by Consequences.

So if something has Weapon:2, each consequence would effectively soak up two less stress.  Simultaneously, armor would increase the amount of stress absorbed by Consequences, so with Armor:2, a Minor Consequence could absorb 4 stress.

I'm not quite sure how I'd handle using multiple Consequences for a single hit, but I'm sure I can work out something reasonable.

Anyway, I kind of intuitively like how this works.  It doesn't make the person with the "bigger" weapon 'better' in any way.  It fictionally matches the idea that 'getting hit with a bigass sword should be scary', while still leaving the use of lighter weapons viable.

Thoughts?  Input?  Reasons I'm utterly insane?