Quick clarification question that came up on rpg.net:

Let's say you've got a situation where you've got three characters, A, B, and C.  A is attacking B, and decides to invoke an aspect attached to C (we'll say for the sake of argument that the aspect is actually relevant).

So, in this case, A gets the bonus from the invoke.  A is opposing B.  C is uninvolved (but on A's side), except for their aspect being the one that is invoked.

Page 69 of the book states:
_If the aspect you invoke is on someone else’s character sheet, including situation aspects attached to them, you give them the fate point you spent. They don’t actually get to use it until after the end of the scene, though. _

This would seem to imply that after the scene/Conflict was resolved, that C would gain a Fate Point.  Is this correct/intended?  It seems a bit odd, as generally you get Fate Points when you are inconvenienced in some way.

My previous understanding was that if your opponent invokes one of your aspects, you gain the FP at the end of the scene...  IOW, for hostile invokes only.