Group Compels:

How do folks generally handle these?  I had a character in a previous game that wanted to self-compel himself to eat the secretary at a place the rest of the party wanted to get info out of.  Rest of said party disagreed.  After some waffling (which was my fault), I eventually just allowed him the compel (and the resulting narrative consequence), while allowing the party to proceed.  But still, it felt off to me, in many ways.

I think the key here for me is "party member wants to do something the rest of the group doesn't want him to", and that compels shouldn't be a tool to force that to happen.  I mean, even without a Compel, he could have done the same thing, just without the consequences being narratively decided.  But I'm still curious how people in general handle this - I certainly don't want to force players to pay a FP to deny a Compel that's not part of their character.

Some of this is certainly social contract type stuff, as the same thing could have easily happened without a Compel.