GM intrusion as Compels.  

In Fate games, I've noticed that there's two basic things that happen - players pursue their goals, and GMs complicate things in some manner or another.  To use PoI again, Lionel is investigating someone, but it turns out there that his car has been tracked and the bad guys corner him!

In general, every GM intrusion from the most subtle to "send in the ninjas" should be related to some kind of game aspect, or why is it even relevant?  If that's the case, what would it be like if you ran all GM intrusion as Compels?  If so, since these would be party-based compels, we get back to question one.  Also, would you consider in this case some kind of auto-compel where you just hand out the Fate Points?

And have people done this, or is this just "how it should be done" and I just never picked up on it?