Quick rules question.

In another post, there was some disagreement in terms of what happens when you're Taken Out - specifically, the scope of what the victor can narrate.

One view is that the victor can narrate and dictate how the loser is Taken Out, but does not have narrative control beyond that.

The other view is that the victor has a great deal of narrative control, and essentially can do just about anything with that character.  Since you could kill the character, anything else is lesser and still falls within those guidelines.

As an example:  Let's say a PC is trying to rescue a third party from some bad guy, and in the process Takes Out the bad guy.  Clearly the PC can narrate that the bad guy is knocked out and captured.  Can they also narrate that the bad guy gives them all of the information he knows?

In the first view, they couldn't.  They'd have captured the bad guy, but that would be the extent of their ability to dictate "what happens".  To get the information out of them would require some kind of Overcome or possibly even a Contest.

In the second view, they could.  They get to determine what happens to the Taken Out character, and as such they can simply narrate the scene, and declare that he gives up the info.

Is there an official position on this, and/or what's the overall community consensus?