I love when you see the lightbulb go on, when they finally make the paradigm shift.

Last Saturday I was running a game.  One of the characters was on a barn, running away from a horde of zombie-like thralls.  he decided he wanted to jump to a tree that was a bit far away.  The conversation went something like this:

Player:  "Can I jump to the tree, then?"

Me:  "Nah, we've established that it's pretty far away from the barn.  It's over by the house.  I'll let you spend a Fate Point to declare that there's a tree by the barn, though."

Player:  "What, the big tree that I just never noticed?"

Me:  "No, more like the camera never focused on it."

Player 2:  "Yeah, it's like in a show where you're running towards something, and the camera focuses on the tree you can jump to for a second."

Player:  "Okay, yeah, that's pretty cool!"