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20130219 Is there a summary of the different arm...

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Is there a summary of the different armor and weapon options that have been discussed?  I seem to recall:

0) They're just aspects (aka, no system)

1) Weapon adds to stress on a hit.  Armor subtracts (question, does a tie count as a hit?  If so, does it still gain a boost if you get the weapon stress?)  This is the "default" armor and weapon optional rule.

2) Weapon ratings act as a floor for damage.  (Question:  does this count on a tie on attack?)

3) Armor reduces all stress up to its value to 1, but has no impact on hits higher than its value.

4) If your weapon value is greater than the stress inflicted, inflict one more stress.

5) If your weapon value is greater than the armor value of your opponent, inflict one more stress.

6) If weapon - armor is greater than the stress inflicted, inflict one more stress.

I'm sure I've misunderstood these, and/or missed at least a few more.
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{' '} - 2013-02-19T17:18:22-0500
You either missed mine or misunderstood it. You should be able to find it by looking at my profile as I haven't deleted them yet. 
{' '} - 2013-02-19T17:38:24-0500
Yup, missed it, I'll add it in later today.
{' '} -2013-02-19T17:38:27-0500
For situation #1, I think CW suggests dealing just the Weapon rating as stress, but I prefer to count the result as a tie, prioritizing the skill and dice over the gear, if only for that tiny instant. Thus, you generate a boost but no stress is dealt unless you score an actual hit of 1 or more shifts on the attack roll.
{' '} - 2013-02-19T17:47:16-0500
That's probably how I'd judge it too,{' '} + Adam Schwaninger  , otherwise I'm in the weird situation of either ignoring the boost on a tie rule, or granting stress anda boost.  Both of those feel weird.
{' '} - 2013-02-19T19:40:00-0500
There's one I saw on a blog but haven't seen mentioned in this community. I found it on spirit of the blank, and it was taking inspiration from an old blog entry by Leonard, the big mechanics man of fate core (if I'm not mistaken). It's a few years old so maybe they decided against it, but it looks good. It's that weapons don't add to your score (+1, +2, etc. ). Instead, they add fate dice to your roll, but you can still only take the four best dice. It's supposed to be less wonky in terms of mechanics, and not allow excessively high outcomes. I'd post links but I'm at work on my phone so...
{' '} - 2013-02-19T19:48:51-0500
I was skeptical of the Armor/Weapon default system when I saw it, but now that I have played with it a bit, it works well. Especially with null damage still equaling a Boost.
My preferred method is no system (just aspects), with Weapon and Armor ratings saved for Extras and special situations (Scale)
{' '} -2013-02-19T20:40:43-0500
+ Robert Hanz  I ran my last session in the way I describe and I liked ruling that attack ties only ever do a boost. It makes weapon values only count on an actual hit, it avoids this weird situation where weapons cannot ever do a boost, and it's consistent. It also doesn't devalue unarmed attacks in the same way as if you let weapon values add stress on ties.
{' '} - 2013-02-20T01:42:43-0500
Off in another thread Leonard and Fred said it was: Ties are 0 stress hits.  On any hit (including ties-on-dice), apply weapon and armor ratings.  If final result is 0 stress, it grants a boost but no stress.