Random Fate Core thought of the day:  Aspects.

The usual definition of aspects I see is that they define the character in some way.  This is true, but I'm starting to think of them slightly differently.  My new definition of the aspects of a character is closer to:

"If you were to write a story about this character, what are the things you would need to mention for it to feel like this character?"

I like Han Solo as an example.  What would you need to mention in a story about Han Solo?  Note that this changes over time, which is an important part of aspects and character development!  For simplicity, I'll set the time at immediately before Episode IV.

So first off, he's a space smuggler.  He's wanted by the Hutts.  He's got a cool spaceship, and a big furry copilot.  He also has an amazing tendency to get himself in trouble - things go wrong for him frequently.

If I didn't have those things, it wouldn't really feel like Han Solo.  And that gives us a great list of aspects for him:

Han Solo
High Concept:  Dashing Space Smuggler
Trouble:  Owes Jabba
Aspects:  Wookiiee Copilot
                The Millennium Falcon
                "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Thoughts?  Other characters that come to mind?  Am I completely insane?