Just a random thought.

One of the things that I see in Fate a lot is that players try to weasel into using their best skills for anything and everything possible.

I used to think of this as min-maxy at best, outright munchkinism at worst.  I now have changed my mind, and think of it as an outright good thing.

I'm seeing skills now less as discrete chunks of training, and more as "how does this character tend to solve problems?"  So a character with Stealth as his top skill tends to solve problems using Stealth, and figure out how to use Stealth to solve problems whenever possible.

If you need information on someone, this leads to a variety of solutions.  The Stealthy character will try to shadow him.  The Rapport character will be friends.  The character with Contacts will try to find out through social circles, and the Fighting character will beat it out of him.  The Deceitful character will flat out lie.

In other words, once I started looking at skills through this lens, optimizing around using peak skills became a roleplaying advantage that became supported by mechanics.

I think I was slightly inspired to this by the description of skills in FAE, but I could be wrong on that.  I'm also curious if others are in a similar place, or if I've just gone of the deep end again.