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The Book of Hanz for the Fate RPG

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Have more fun in every Fate RPG game.

"The Book of Hanz was a fundamental source for finally [understanding] Fate's paradigm and actually putting people together to play it.

Collected for the first time in paperback, The Book of Hanz unlocks the code to better Fate games than you ever imagined.

In these pages, you’ll discover...

  • Introducing People to Fate
  • Fiction First
  • Collaborative Setting Creation
  • Pacing Mechanisms
  • Fiction, not Physics
  • Writing Good Aspects
  • Fate doesn’t have a damage system
  • The Not-So-Hidden Logic of Paying to Invoke Aspects
  • Failure
  • Demystifying the Fate Fractal
  • Fate’s Big Question
  • Missing rules in Fate
  • Advice for new Fate players

The Team

Robert Hanz — Role: Writer

Robert is a Fate RPG superfan. He can be found dispensing wisdom in Fate communities across the internet. He is also one of the authors of Fate Condensed, the latest and greatest iteration of Fate.

John Adamus — Role: Editor

John is an ENnie award-winning editor whose work can be found in Fate Core, The Dresden Files Role-Playing Game, Night’s Black Agents, and loads of other RPGs. He can found on Twitter @awesome_john where he continues to help people tell their stories and make their games.

Randy Oest (aka @amazingrando) — Roles: Kickstarter Project Manager, Layout

Randy is the creative force behind the Fate SRD. He won a Silver ENNIE for fate-srd.com and a Gold ENNIE for his other SRD site, bladesinthedark.com. He is a Creative Director who has worked in printing, marketing, and digital spaces for more than 20 years.